What is a good minimal medium for Pseudomonas bacteria? Do I need different media for different Pseudomonas species?


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Pseudomonas bacteria are generally not difficult to grow:

Rugged and opportunistic, Pseudomonas use a wide range of nutritional sources, even very simple nutritional environments without any organic compounds. - Sigma

For specific species, you'll want to use a selection medium. Sigma-Aldrich has a number of commercial products for selection and I'm sure you can find a recipe that suits your species with a Google search.

Related reading:

Medium for the Selective Isolation of Members of the Genus Pseudomonas from Natural Habitats (Grant and Holt, 1977)

Evaluation of various selective media for the detection of Pseudomonas species in pasteurized milk (Van Tassell et al., 2012)


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