ANF as we know reduce the Na+ uptake and K+ removal in the distal tubules and it also functions as a Vasodialator (?) But again it says that ANF increases the Glomerular filtrate ? But if it is acting has a Vasoldialator (ie, antagonistic to Vasopressin) how is it increasing the GFR ? Shouldnt it lower the GFR ?

ANF - Atrial Natriuretic Factor also called Atrial Natriuretic Peptide

GFR - Glomerular Filtration Rate


ANF (Atrial Natriuretic Factor more commonly known as ANP - atrial natriuretic peptide) squeezes (vasoconstricts) the efferent arteriole. This means the pressure in the glomerulus is higher (like if you squeeze the end of a hose) and so more fluid is squeezed out i.e. the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is higher. It also dilates the afferent which means more fluid is going in, further increasing GFR (Marin-Grez et al.)


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