Can stress trigger any changes in the human body? I'd like to know more about things less commonly known than, for example: sweating and tiredness. What are the long term risks of chronic stress? Do stressful people have higher chance of having heart-diseases or affected by hair-loss, for example? I'm also interested in how can an emotion induce physiological changes in our body?

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Stress is the reaction, which our body reacts against the pressure or tension. There are many impact of stress on the human body, which includes

  • Emotional: Moodiness, short temper, agitation, inability to relax, feeling lonely and always depressed.
  • Cognitive: Memory problems, unable to concentrate, very poor judgment, negative thoughts, always anxious and worrying
  • Physical: Frequently suffering from pains and aches
  • Behavior: Addiction toward drugs, alcohol or cigarettes for relief, nervous, being alone, insomnia.
  • Other problems like headache, muscle pain, chest pain, fatigue, etc.
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