The larynx is part of the respiratory system and is responsible for producing sound (our voices). My question is how cancer in the larynx (voice box) affect the respiratory system overall? I appreciate any answer, but if it's not too inconvenient, please don't use too complex terminology (I'm in grade 10 Canada).


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According to this website:


it causes difficulty with inhalation but exhalation is normal...

"Typically the expiratory part of the F/V-loop is normal: the obstruction is pushed outwards by the force of the expiration."
"During inspiration the obstruction is sucked into the trachea with partial obstruction and flattening of the inspiratory part of the flow-volume loop."

the exact symptoms of a laryngeal tumor depends on where it is located on the larynx... above the vocal cords, on the vocal cords, or below the vocal cords...

but more generally:

anatomy: mouth/nose-->pharynx-->larynx-->trachea-->bronchi-->lungs

a tracheostomy may be necessary... basically the surgeon makes a connection between the skin outside the throat and the trachea... this bypasses the larynx (as well as pharynx and nose/mouth)...


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