I found these creatures stuck to a leaf on my tomato plant in the greenhouse/glasshouse, in early June, in south Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom.

They are each about 1-2mm in size. They didn't move much, even when gently nudged, although some did crawl tentatively.

I would be very interested to know what these are, especially if they are a beneficial species or a pest!

Tiny dark red insects


These little creatures look a lot like White-margined Burrowing Bug or Sehirus cinctus nymphs.

Sehirus cintus nymphs

Very interesting thing about the Sehirus cinctus is their brooding behavior. The female watches the eggs and even feeds the young for a few days. Have a look around. You might see it.

enter image description here

AFAIK they don't harm your plants.

More info:


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