Forgive me if this question is too trivial.

I have the gene IDs of the following type


from the first supplementary file in Comparative validation of the D. melanogaster modENCODE transcriptome annotation .

I'm not sure as to the type of the IDs. I learned that IDs beginning with EOG are Eukaryotic Orthologous Group IDs but I couldn't find these particular ones in any of the databases.

Is it possible to map them to Ensembl IDs or any of the other commonly used ones?


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These are not gene ids, but groups of orthologous genes -- try to search for the ids on Google, I can find this page http://cegg.unige.ch/orthodb6/fasta.fasta?ogs=EOG6STSR2&swaptree= and thus you should be able to download the sequences and ids from OrthoDB.

Note that, strictly speaking, the are no Ensembl ids for Drosophila, only FlyBase ids that are also used by Ensembl.


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