This is a question in an old exam of Histology. I tried to answer the question, and I've made many searching attempts, but without resulting in any fixed/exact information. In some articles on the web, I've read the stereocilia and microvilli have both actin core, and this website states that stereocilia doesn't have actin filaments! I'm just feeling lost at this point. And now, I'm just searching for an exact answer for that question.

Note : It may be a super easy question for you. So please note that I'm a novice self-learner at Histology.


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Stereocilia are basically modified microvilli. They are much longer than microvilli, and lack the villin protein.

According to Ross histology textbook, they both contain actin filaments.


Microvilli are found in locations where their function is related to absorption and secretion, for example, in the intestine. Stereocilia have more or less the same function but are rare. Although both have an actin core, there are significant cytoskeletal differences in stereocilia. These include the presence of fimbrin and the absence of villin, and so on.


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