I'm looking at RNASeq Data from Geuvadis website e.g. the file GD660.GeneQuantRPKM.txt.gz.

The samples are labeled by e.g. HG00105.1.M_120209_7 or NA20812.2.M_111216_6

What do HG and NA mean? Are they ethnic backgrounds?

If not, how can I look up the ethnic mapping to the samples?



If you google HG00105, among the first hits is geo accession GSM649517 with the title HG00105/NA12878.


Characteristics gender: Male
cell line: lymphoblast cell line HG00105
ethnicity: British from England and Scotland, UK (1000 Genomes codes: GBR)


gender: female
cell line: lymphoblast cell line NA12878
ethnicity: Northwest European American from Utah (HapMap code: CEU)

So no, they are not coding for the ethnic background but are part of the unique identifier of the sample.


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