Could someone tell me what the species of this beautiful insect is? Location: Chennai, India. enter image description here

Thank you!


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To me, it looks like a Lepidoptera from the Sphingidae family (Hawk moths). It is similar to species in Hemaris and might belong to this genus.

One similar species from this genus (found in India) is Hemaris tityus, but the moth in your picture doesn't look exactly like this particular species. Another similar species is Hemaris saundersii, which is found in and around India.

enter image description here

(Hemaris tityus, pic from wikipedia)

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As suggested by @fileunderwater this moth belongs to the Sphingidae. It is Cephonodes hylas the Coffee bee hawkmoth, aka the pellucid hawk moth or Coffee clearwing. It is a largely distributed moth, found from the Middle east to Autralia.

Glass wings are not very common among butterflies. Research has shown that the glass wings of this species act like a sort of invisibility cloak, as explained in this article and this blog

enter image description here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cephonodes_hylas


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