I have heard that Turritopsis dohrnii is a species of jelly fish which is immortal, as it can grow old and then back to growing young.

So, how is it possible? Can other species (marine and/or land) species adapt or evolve into such a system?

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    $\begingroup$ Possible duplicate of Why is the Hydra Biologically Immortal? $\endgroup$ – AliceD Nov 16 '15 at 12:20
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    $\begingroup$ @AliceD I had a look at that question, and I don't think this is a duplicate of it. This asks whether some other species can adapt or evolve itself to have such features which helped Turritopsis dohrnii with the immortality characteristics $\endgroup$ – Dawny33 Nov 16 '15 at 12:22
  • $\begingroup$ The answers of linked question answers the 'how' part and the theory whether other species could evolve such a system is opinion based and open-ended. Knowing how it works (stem cells, telomerase activity) can be extrapolated to other species, in theory and in theory only. $\endgroup$ – AliceD Nov 16 '15 at 12:29

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