Protein-Protein Interaction networks are known. It's an undirected graph. Each row of the networks is like this (Protein 2 - Protein 6), and It represents the interaction between Protein 2 and Protein 6.

Protein 2 - Protein 6
Protein 4 - Protein 5
Protein 6 - Protein 5
Protein 5 - Protein 7

In this networks, It is known that some of proteins are cancer-related proteins, some are nonCancer-related proteins,

The known proteins:
Protein 4,Cancer
Protein 6,nonCancer
Protein 7,nonCancer
Protein 10,Cancer

But the vast majority of proteins is unknown whether is cancer-related protein or noncancer-related protein. How to use these known cancer-related proteins and nonCancer-related proteins to predict the protein whether is or not a cancer-related protein.

I do not know how to solve this problem. I need your help. Thank you very much.



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