Does female mammary tissue have receptors for testosterone hormones?

Do male hormones influence female mammary glands, as female hormones influenced the male mammary tissue, such as in gynecomastia?


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The female mammary gland tissue contains androgen receptors (testosterone is an androgen). So this tissue is sensitive to androgens, and they inhibit the estrogen-induced proliferation. The inactivation of the androgen receptor on the other hand leads to an accelerated growth of the pubertal mammary gland and to the upregulation of estrogen receptor α expression in female mice. See references 1-3.

And the androgen receptor also seem very important in the formation of the nipples, as testosterone here directs apoptosis in the forming breast tissue. Mice without a functioning androgen receptor were born without nipples. See reference 4 and 5 for details.

To answer your question shortly: Yes, androgen hormones (among them testosterone) have a profound influence on the female mammary gland.


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