I've asked this question on the English Language & Usage board, not being entirely sure whether this question is strictly medical, or just English knowledge suffices to answer.

Do note I am no native speaker, hence I am afraid to misinterpret the possibly obvious thing.

In an article written by Wheat et al Engineernig for Life - Kinect Report the authors use the scanning device to calcuate distances on the human body.

The measured distances are: Sternum-Intermediate, Inter-nipple and Sternum-nipple (see Table 3.). The latter two are obvious. The first one, however, not so much. Unfortunately, the authors do not provide a definition, probably assuming it is clear to the reader.

What would be the Sternum-Intermediate? Is this the sternum's length or is "Intermediate" some specific body part?


The article states:

Markers (blue stickers, approximately 1 cm in diameter) were attached to a point approximating the suprasternal notch and an intermediate position on the dorsal aspect of the left breast. The position of these markers and the two nipples of the model were extracted from the point cloud scan of the breast model through manual digitising using Meshlab...Three straight line distances were analysed (1. internipple, 2. sternum-to-right nipple and 3. sternum-to-intermediate marker).

One can infer that the sternum-intermediate distance is from the sternum to the intermediate marker on the dorsal aspect of the left breast. It is not, I believe, a widely measured anatomical distance, rather one 'invented' for the purposes of the study.


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