In my notes, I had Japan's royal chrysanthemum listed as Chrysanthemum japanense, but I just discovered that name has either been retired or it was never valid to begin with. (Or did I just misspell it?)

A little research uncovered Chrysanthemum sinense var. japanense, though I haven't yet learned anything about it. "Var." means "variety," indicating that it's a domesticated hybrid, right?

Then I learned that Chrysanthemum sinense is a synonym of Chrysanthemum moriflorium - and there's a Chrysanthemum moriflorium var. sinense.

At any rate, I'd like to establish the correct scientific name of the chrysanthemum species that represents Japan. Am I correct in assuming it's Chrysanthemum moriflorium? And, if you know anything about the history behind the royal emblem, do you know if the Japanese specified a particular subspecies or cultivated variety as their royal emblem?


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