I am looking for estimates of per base pair recombination rate in humans and indication on gene positions. The goal is to be a able to plot recombination rate in the y-axis and position (in bp) along all chromosomes in x-axis. Then add the genes on the graph.

I have never had to search for this kind of data. Can you give me some hints of where I could find these data into a simple format like the simple table presented below?

> Gene Positions
from       to
1145146    1147112
1568742    1570012

> Recombination rate
from   to       r
1      156787   1.2*1e-9
156788 256888   2*1e-8

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A good baseline for this type of research in human genetics is Standards and guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants from ACMG. It is a guideline for clinicians, and it gives a good sense of good variants data, bad variants data and setting up confidence level.

Try to consolidate data from:

Population databases

  1. GWAS databases

  2. SNV databases

Disease databases


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