I'm trying to couple the following terms: cytoplasmic determinants, induction, positional information, hox genes, pattern information, morphogenisis, determination and differentiation.

I hope someone can explain me the connection between these terms,



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When in doubt go back to definitions I say (as I am now).

cytoplasmic determinants: regulatory molecules located in specific distributions around egg cytoplasm

Induction: process by which the presence of one tissue influences the development of others

positional information, signals cells about its relative position to other cells. hox genes

Differentiation: the process of a cell becoming a specialized type of cell through regulated gene expression

Determination: process by which portions of the genome are selected for expression in different embryonic cells

Pattern formation (aka morphogenesis) → events that determine the spatial organization of an embryo

Hox genes establish anterior posterior axis and regulate gene expression.

I would change, cytoplasmic determinants → differentiation via determination → pattern formation (rather than information) morphogen lead to pattern information (since these are the signals) hox genes → morphogens → pattern information → pattern formation


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