In flowering plants food is transported in which form? I searched on google and found that it is sucrose. Why not glucose/fructose/starch?

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This is a homework question but I will answer it (forgive me moderators ;).

You will get your answer from this answer:

Sucrose and starch are more efficient in energy storage when compared to glucose and fructose, but starch is insoluble in water. So it can't be transported via phloem and the next choice is sucrose, being water soluble and energy efficient sucrose is chosen to be the carrier of energy from leaves to different part of the tree. Another problem exists, glucose is highly reactive and this may result in some intermediate reactions while transporting glucose. Being a complex structure, sucrose is not as much reactive as glucose. So plants uses the sucrose as a medium to transfer energy. Inside the cells, sucrose is converted back to glucose and fructose.

Once again:

  1. Glucose- too reactive: CANCEL
  2. Fructose- too reactive, again: CANCEL
  3. Starch- insoluble in water: CANCEL
  4. Sucrose- no problem: ACCEPT