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I have gone through various sites and some say there is NADPH2 and some say there is no NADPH2 there's only NADP+ ...WHich is the correct view....Please dont mark this answer as duplicates since I have asked a similar question related to photosynthesis in the past but there too I have not received any satisfactory answer bythe community .


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I answered this implicitly in a comment to my answer to: Light and Dark Reaction of photosynthesis?. Anyway:

There is no such thing as NADPH2. There is only NADP+ and NADPH. Consult Wikipedia or a reputable text such as Berg.

The nicotinamide portion of NADP that undergoes oxidation and reduction is exactly the same as in NAD. The changes undergone are:

NAD(P) redox

The error either comes from confusion with the other redox cofactor, FAD / FADH2, or the fact that two electrons are involved in the reduction of NADP:

NADP+ + H+ + 2e → NADPH

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