What are ballpark ranges of skin resistance in Kohms for average men and their significance (for example 500-1000s = stressed vs 1000+ = fairly relaxed)

What do various skin resistances in kohms say about a person's emotional or arousal state:

For example: Is a skin resistance of less than 0 possible and what what does that say about the person

  • $\begingroup$ This fact depends on the moisture of the skin, for example. You could narrow your question further. Then, having emotional/arousal state is also dependent on the moisture. Your last question: possible in some conditions; last part of the question is subjective so I do not answer it. Your first question about classifications: subjective because too wide question; you need to narrow your topic. $\endgroup$ – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 May 14 '16 at 19:46

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