I am trying to align the following 8 sequences using clustalo on ubuntu terminal using the following command. But I am not getting the right output.

clustalo -i sequence.fasta -o output.clu

My input file issequence.fasta with 8 sequences I downloaded from BLAST

My output file output.clu

enter image description here

The output I was hoping for outputOnline.clustal

Also I would appreciate if some can tell me how to share this kind of data in a question because obviously the way I have done is doesnot seem appropriate.


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You just need to specify the output format with the outfmt flag.

clustalo -i sequence.fasta -o output.clu -outfmt=clu

should give you the desired output.

How to share data?

Try using an abbreviated example which people can copy&paste, for longer data you could use something like http://pastebin.com/ but the URL might expire.





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