I've been reading a curious paper about the use of cannabis, and one of the passages piqued my interest:

There’s also been a lot of work done on another constituent of marijuana, cannabinoid, which is not psychoactive by itself. A lot of research has shown that it’s a great anti-inflammatory, it’s a neuro-protectant, and it may be what gives medical marijuana patients relief from things like epilepsy and anxiety

Has there been any scientific evidence that links inflammation and anxiety?

Source: Cannabis, Forgetting, and the The Botany of Desire


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See this paper on link between inflammation and anxiety.

Also, quoting one of the paragraphs of this paper

Clinical studies have shown increased serum inflammatory markers in patients with depression as well as a correlation between plasma cytokine levels and the severity of depression, and have described improvement in depression after anti-inflammatory treatment.

Even if you do a simple google search, you will get thousands of results on this.


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