I want make sure about the fact in the documentation of MIT-BIH NSRDB here. They just say ECG 1 and ECG 2 but not what particularly.

I think they are the frontal plane channel and transverse plane channel but in which order, I do not know.

In their other database (MIT-BIH Arr.), #1 Channel was about MLII, but #2 Channel about V1. So I am confused.

Normally, I get data which says leads are this and this. Display channels can be this and this. Etc with this device, very clear manual.

Ticket: https://github.com/MIT-LCP/physionet/issues/21

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Answer in the ticket but it is still little open because it does say which lead is ECG1 and which ECG2

These records are from Holter recorders and the leads are not in standard precordial positions. As a general rule one lead is approximately a V5 position or a modified lead II (recording from right pectoral area to the cardiac apex), and the other lead is generally close to a V2 position.


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