I only found one book which isn't a textbook named Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America By Judith Dutson (not sure if it is good enough to follow) that defined these terms.

Outbreeding/ outcrossing is deliberately crossing one line of horse within a breed to a very distant or unrelated line. The term is also occasionally used as a synonym for crossbreeding.

Crossbreeding is the deliberate crossing of horses of different breeds.

My understanding:

Outbreeding or Outcrossing is the mating between two individuals of a breed but different varieties/sub-varieties.

Crossbreeding is the mating between two individuals of different breeds (could be intraspecific or interspecific as well).

Are these definitions correct?

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Answer in keywords

Inbreeding : related individual,same breed


  1. Cross breeding : between different breeds

  2. Outcrossing : unrelated individual,same breed,no common ancestor

Detailed answer

Inbreeding it is a mating within the same breed between different superior male and superior female. Inbreeding between close relatives can cause inbreeding depression like decreased Vigour , fertility and productivity. It is therefore advisable to mte superior animals of different population of the same breed .

Outbreeding is mating between unrelated animals of same or different breeds.

Outcrossing is mating between unrelated animals of same breed with no common ancestor for at least 4 to 6 generation. Offspring formed from such a cross is called out cross .

Cross breeding is mating between superior animals of different breeds for raising new breeds for improving local breeds.

Please note: Outcrossing and cross breeding are two types of Outbreeding.

If you have any further doubts please ask . Hope it helps!!

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