A fisherman from Hawaii wrote the following:

This Fat juicy worm lives inside of every Wahoo that I catch. Inside the stomach. Right at the junction to the intestines. Sometimes there are two.

What is this parasite?

enter image description here


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It is Giant Stomach Worm (Hirudinella Ventricosa).

It is a platyhelmith parasitic to Wahoo fish, feeding on its blood and found inside the stomach. It makes 98% of Wahoo's parasitic infections.

It is a fleshy worm that varies in size and shape; with extended worms the size of a mans finger and contracted ones about the size of a walnut.

It requires two hosts to complete its lifecycle; a snail and a wahoo fish.

A picture from National Geographic Society

Source: lahaina news

Note: A youtube video shows this worm moving.


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