Where can I find plant and insect identification keys and Field guides for Jamaica specifically, or for the Caribbean as a whole?

I've searched Amazon and google for Jamaican and Caribbean identification keys/field guides, to no avail. I'm taking pictures of organisms in my backyard, and I want to identify them and post them to iNaturalist. For my own sake I want to be able to identify them myself, prior to and independent of the (long) wait for a community ID to be given and confirmed.


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I've never been to nor botanized Jamaica or the Caribbean, but a quick Google search turned up the following references for Jamaican plants:

  • Iremonger, S., 2002. Guide to the Plants in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. University of West Indies Press, 280p. ISBN: 9789766400316

  • Fawcett, W. and A. B. Rendle. 1910. Flora of Jamaica, containing Descriptions of the Flowering Plants known from the island. Longmans & Company. Found here.

enter image description here

You can also find a list of Jamaican species on Wikipedia and a list of medicinal plants in Jamaica here.

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