There is a question in my Embryology textbook's exercise that asks about an organizer and inducer substance. I found their definitions and now I am wondering if they are the same things?


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According to Merriam-Webster they are synonyms:

[An organizer is] a region of a developing embryo or a substance produced by such a region that is capable of inducing a specific type of development in undifferentiated tissue —called also inductor

Lifemap and Biology Today support the terms being synonymous as well.

However, I think the most commonly used terminology here is that the organizer [used as a noun] induces [used as a verb] the differentiation of embryonic tissue. For example, consider the following quote (Arizona State University):

The Spemann-Mangold organizer, also known as the Spemann organizer, is a cluster of cells in the developing embryo of an amphibian that induces development of the central nervous system


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