To perform some private data science experiments I am looking for accessible information on morphological plant features (tabular information would be best). Crawling the web I found many websites with limited more general description and a lot of information on location and population data.

Do you know a website, institute or person in possession of such data and willing to share it? Since I am located in Germany my main interest is in the local flora, but any other would also do the job.


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-- Traits --


TRY is a Plant Trait Database. More formally, it's a network of vegetation scientists headed by DIVERSITAS/IGBP, and the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, providing a global archive of curated plant traits.


This is an online resource for empirical data on how biological traits respond to environmental drivers such as temperature, light, and salinity.

Nate Swenson

Nate and his collaborators have compiled a ton of traits for species all over the world (though focused on the tropics).

Coyle et al. 2014

Appendix 2 of their 2014 Ecography paper lists primary literature sources and publicly available trait databases they used to examine 3 traits: leaf nitrogen, seed mass, and wood density.

-- Images --


An international Web database that contains thousands of high-resolution photographs and other images of plant and animal specimens.

Botanical Images Databases

This site provides dozens of links to databases containing plant images. There are also regional databases provided (e.g., Pflanzenphotos.de).


This site contains both text sources (e.g., lectures and essays) as well as links to morphology picture databases (e.g., Botanical Image Database of the University of Basel).

See also FAO Online Catalogues for a number of morphological sources in both English and German.


There is the TRY database of plant traits:



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