My biology teacher used to show us videos (actually animations) on the human immune system. What I remember is that one video was on a virus (represented as a purple colored sphere with spikes) that a woman (who is a part of a music band) inhales in an elevator when a man sneezes.

The documentary shows how the virus travels to her throat and enters one cell, multiplies, and spreads. Then the video shows how white blood cells and T-cells defend the body. In the end, when she drinks coffee, she leaves the virus on a coffee mug and her friend takes on that virus when he drinks from the same mug.

Other videos of the same series include a documentary on fractures, another one on obesity, another one on a disease transmitted when one eats chicken, etc. Can someone tell me what is the name of that series?

I think (not sure) it is a national geographic series?

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The Body Story.

--Have to add some characters for the system to be happy--


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