I created a model where I calculate the survival probabilities from a Mark-recapture design.

I'm wondering if I can call the survival probabilities as "relative fitness".

Phenotype or genotype: $X$
Absolute fitness: $W(X)$
Relative fitness: $w(X)=\frac{W(X)}{\bar W}$

Since relative fitness is a ratio, I would have the tendency to say that it's the same thing as survival probability (keeping in mind that survival is only one component of fitness, so conceptually not exactly the same thing).

If I refer to this article, since I'm computing survival probabilities per individual, I would just need to call it "individual fitness".

It seems that "relative fitness" is more appropriate with a certain categorical phenotype: the relative fitness of tall vs short plants. If you have a continuous trait, how is the relative fitness interpreted?


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