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Location: Rural area near the Western Ghats, Kerala, South India.

Date: Sometime in December, 2016

Climatic Conditions: Humid, frequent rains.

Brief Description:

Couldn't have been bigger than an inch. Took the picture at night. Has characteristic orange stripes across wings and dorsal thorax. A pair of black dots present on either wing; one pair located on the distal region of the wings and another (less conspicuous) pair located on the proximal region of the wings (laterally over thorax). No immediate/visible response when I shone a flashlight at it (eventually moved the torch up to the antennae, still no reaction).


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That is a red striped tiger moth. An initial search hasn't found a picture I'm sure is redistributable, so I've linked a Google image search instead.

The number of spots on the wing seem variable. The pictures show examples with four and six spots as well as two spots.


As discussed on the Physics Stack Exchange chat, this is probably Cyana perornata.

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    $\begingroup$ -1'd because biology deals with scientific names; which are based on documented specimen. The same common/colloquial name can indicate more than 1 things. You would rather put it as a comment. Early acceptance of an incomplete answer hinders the question reach the experts' hand. $\endgroup$
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