Sometimes I get/feel pain in my stomach because of holding urine for long time. Is there any medical terminology describing: "holding urine for a long time", or pain associated with this activity?

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    $\begingroup$ Holding in feces for a long time is called "stool withholding". I don't know if there's an equivalent term for urine. In future, consider posting such questions to health.stackexchange.com instead. Why do you hold your urine in? Are you a schoolteacher or a bus driver? It's not the wisest move to hold your urine in for a long time; it carries risks. $\endgroup$ – tealhill supports Monica Apr 21 '17 at 3:34

A swollen organ may be described as distended if the swelling is symptomatic of a medical disfunction.
The purpose of most bladders is to collect and retain a fluid; if that fluid needs to be discharged periodically, and is not able to do so, then there is usually pain as a result of the distension.

Inability to urinate is known as ischuria or urinary retention, and could be the result of obstruction to the urethra, could be a failure of the bladder to fully contract during urination, or could many other possible causes.

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