What is full form/ meaning of 'r' and 'K' in r-selection species and K-selection species? Does this 'r' means "Random" and the 'K' means "constant"?


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This article discusses the origin of the terms. They come directly from the equation used to describe population dynamics. As Canadianer mentioned the Wiki also covers it quite well.

"r" stands for "rate" {growth rate}, r strategists have a high r value and a low K value. They grow fast but most die.

"K" stands for Kapazitätsgrenzen which is german for capacity limit, now called carrying capacity, K strategists have a low r and a high K. They grow slow but more survive.

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If you are looking for a way to understand and remember these letters, because I too found these terms confusing initially, then I use the following.

r-strategy = focus is on Reproduction Rate as much as possible - then all the other traits, grow fast, die young, etc, tend to follow.

K-strategy = focus is on the Kapacity (Germanised spelling) of the environment, i.e. do not exceed the carrying capacity of the local environment for your species.

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