I saw this tree in India. It was so fascinating because its leaf looks like Carya ovata, which only grows in the USA & Canada according to Wikipedia:

Carya ovata, the shagbark hickory, is a common hickory in the Eastern United States and southeast Canada.

Is it really Carya ovata or something else?

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ This looks nothing like Carya ovata. $\endgroup$ – theforestecologist Apr 28 '17 at 21:29
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    $\begingroup$ Also, please add close-ups of the leaves, (supposed leaflets) and trunk if possible for a better chance at a correct ID $\endgroup$ – theforestecologist Apr 28 '17 at 21:30
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    $\begingroup$ Are the branches opposite or alternate? $\endgroup$ – theforestecologist Apr 28 '17 at 21:34

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