I am a mathematician studying DNA and RNA language from the perspective of Formal Language Theory. Note that I am aware of these posts:

best book for a comprehensive introduction to biology for a computer science graduate interested in undertaking research in bioinformatics

Introductory biology text for an outsider

Material recommendation: molecular biology for mathematicians and computer scientists

I consider my situation more specific, I am specifically dealing with DNA and RNA, so what I need is a basic text that deals with this two structures, rigorous but still accessible.

As an example I quote a paper I am reading:

(...) Inverted repeats are prevalent features of nucleic acids (...)

I would like trustable references for the fact that these features indeed exist, which is fundamental for my work, and maybe a shallow explanation for what they biologically imply, but I do not want to delve into what these features mean (It would be great to understand them from a biological perspective but that is not my priority)



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