Just found this organism crawling across my wall on the second story at around 12:30 AM. We're in Sonoma County in California. Our best guess so far is a soldier beetle, but the coloration doesn't seem to match any images we can find online. It's body was about 1.5 inches long and was a uniform brownish-tan color with black eyes. It may be worth noting we're in the middle of the worst heat wave we've seen in 15 years of living here.

photo of the insect, looks like a tan beetle with a long, straight body and long antennae


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This is a long-horned beetle, family Cerambycidae; the site http://www.sbcollections.org/cbp/DB_Query.aspx?Field=family&Value=Cerambycidae has a list of California species, with links to pages on each species (there are 387; not all species pages feature illustrations -- those that do figure museum specimens). From that list the first that resembled your photograph is that covering Centrodera spurca (LeConte 1856), which has been found in Sonoma County; given that I haven't gone through the entire list there are likely other possibilities.

Centrodera spurca

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ I agree it's a long-horned beetle (so +1) but a picture to compare it to would be helpful. I edited to add. Not sure if it's the same beetle, though. They look like they can easily be mistaken within the group. $\endgroup$ Jun 19, 2017 at 14:55

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