The case is very small and it's an off white color.

The thing living inside can come out of either end. It's a black and white looking worm. It will poke its head out and move everywhere!

They are all over my back porch and some are even coming in my house!


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This is just a larva of a moth from the Family Tineidae, most probably Phereoeca uterella (known as plaster bagworm or household casebearer), or Tinea pellionella (known as case-bearing clothes moth).

As you can see, the larva of this moth...

... constructs a protective case from silk and camouflages it with other materials such as soil, sand and insect droppings. (from Wikipedia)

Here is a better picture of Phereoeca uterella, from the entomology deptartment of the University of Florida:

enter image description here

Here is the imago (adult), for comparison:

enter image description here

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