What is this animal?

the animal


  • Has a long curved bill.
  • Has green upper body and a dark black lower body.
  • Likes petunias.
  • Hovers like a hummingbird but is a bit smaller.
  • Has small rear feather-like tufts and is very odd shaped.
  • Moved quickly from flower to flower.
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That's a lepidopteran insect called hummingbird moth.

There are several species of hummingbird moths. Their more distinctive feature, as the name implies, is that they hover just like a hummingbird.

Your photo is not the best one for identification, but it seems to be a hummingbird hawk-moth, from the Genus Macroglossum, specially because the rear feather like tufts (which are just elongated setae).

Here is a better photo, for comparison:

enter image description here

Macroglossum stellatarum

However, according to the colors you described, your species is probably different from that in the photo above.

Here is one flying (from a different species):

enter image description here

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