I'm trying to find the ratio of upper body to lower body. That is, the ratio of the length of the waist to the head over the length of the waist to the floor.

It's been harder to track down a readable outline of the ratios of the human body than I expected.


The study of those measures is called anthropometry. Typing anthropometry on google image returned this

enter image description here

This is definitely not a peer-review source and might eventually be a good approximation only for white males (or whoever they considered to take these measurements on) but if we believe this image, then the ratio head-to-waist over waist-to-floor is $\frac{0.52}{0.485} = 1.072$.

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    $\begingroup$ Perfect! And thanks for the additional comments on likely assumptions and approximations. And for the help with the correct term to look for. $\endgroup$ – davidparks21 Jul 20 '17 at 17:13

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