What kind of flying insect is this? It kinda resembles a dragonfly but it had what looked like a stinger on the end of it's tail. It was found in Franklin, Ohio.


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    $\begingroup$ The OP did add an image, however, they didn't add the reference. I suggested an edit that does reveal the image of the dragonfly. $\endgroup$ – user22020 Aug 23 '17 at 14:36

... it kinda resembles a dragonfly ...

That's because it is a dragonfly! This is a female Tramea onusta, most commonly known as a "Red Saddlebag", which comes from the red coloration found at the lower regions of the dragonfly's hindwings.

... it had what looked like a stinger on the end of it's tail.

That's exactly correct! Female dragonflies have what look to be a stinger, however, they're used for laying eggs instead (and not as a weapon). (source, p.5)

Tramea onusta1

enter image description here

enter image description here

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