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Can someone help me identify this plant? Flowers bloom in summer, then red seeds form afterwards. Leaf length is about 10 inches max. I live in Southern California and it is grown in a container under my patio.

Thanks for your help.


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This seems to be Scadoxus Puniceus, also known as the Paintbrush Lily (not to be confused with other species with the same common name). The dutch originally cultivated scadoxus puniceus, and your specimen could be one of several hybrids of the original.

Dave's Garden has plenty of pictures of the species. He didn't have any fruit at the same stage of ripeness as yours, but the likeness is still rather compelling.

Fruit (different season) Dozens of flowers Close up flower head

For a slightly more reliable source (if a little older), the South African Medical Journal also identifies Scadoxus Puniceus in a study of accidental poisonings by herbal medicine. The flower might be a touch wider than yours, but you almost certainly still have a Scadoxus, and within-species variations can easily account for such a small difference. Screenshot from South African Medical Journal

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