I've screened a non-redundant set of GPCRs acquired from UniProt. I found a handful of examples of record IDs that contain more than the 7 TMHs. For example Q89609 and P20905, both of which have been manually reviewed to some extent.

For an idea of the variability in the GPCR family, below is a screenshot from a Clustal Omega alignment comparing P2095 to a bonafide human GPCR. There are ~16 indels of varying length. Alignment image showing 16 indel events between the two sequences

Also, when blasting against SwissProt, the 2 hits that appear are also GPCRs with the same function from mammals but they have the expected 7 TMHs.

enter image description here Is it possible for GPCRs to contain more than 7 TMHs, or is it a case that the annotation is incorrect?


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