There's some theory around that orgasm will cause a dopamine surge and drop, and that this can lead to a period of low mood or depression. A come down.

Is this true, does orgasm have a negative psychological consequence ?


To answer your last question, I very much doubt it's true in general. It does have unplesant effects in some people though. Form a popsci account

He [a psychoanalyst] was puzzled about a 24-year-old man whom he viewed as psychiatrically healthy except for intense depression that lasted for several hours after sex. [...] Could it be that some patients have particularly strong rebound activity in the amygdala after orgasm that makes them feel bad?

And this post-coital dysphoria can happen to women too, for which there is some prevalence data:

Forty‐six percent of respondents reported experiencing PCD symptoms at least once in their lifetime with 5.1% experiencing PCD symptoms a few times within the past 4 weeks.

"No sex before game day" was a tenet in some sports psychology/physiology corners, but more recent research failed to find significant differences of sex acts on mental performance... at least in (healthy) athletes. A 2016 review notes

Despite the major differences found in the recovery phase, where higher values of HR [heart rate] were found 2 h after sexual intercourse, no significant differences were found in workload achieved and in mental concentration of the athletes.

And, yeah, I know sex doesn't necessarily mean orgasm, but it seems close enough to mention.


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