Can anyone help me to recognize this type of species? Is it a clustered worms or clustered larvae? Location is in Bali, Indonesia. Recently this species is goes viral, but people here always link this species to a myth. Thanks. Is this worms or larvae ? enter image description here


That called fungus gnat maggot. Fungus gnats are small flying insects that look sort of like mosquitoes but they don’t bite. In fact, adult fungus gnats live only about 7-10 days and do not feed. It is the immature larval form that can cause damage to your plants.

I see, i'm Balinese too, you know everything things were rare are linked to myth.

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to SE Biology. It seems like you have identified the species but we prefer these answer to include a link and/or some photos that confirm the identification. You can edit the question to include these. $\endgroup$ – Michael_A Aug 24 '18 at 2:37

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