I'm studying interactions between North American predators, specifically wolves, coyotes and bobcats.

There's evidence from data I've collected from game cameras that suggests a significant interaction between wolves and bobcats. However, I haven't found published literature or reports on interactions between these two carnivores besides a paper by Stenlund (1955) that suggests bobcats may benefit from scavenging wolf kills.

Does anyone know of any publications in peer-reviewed literature, government reports or even reliable observations from biologists in the field on interactions between wolves and bobcats?

Thank you!


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In Sweden, no clear evidence have been found for interactions between wolf and European bobcat (Lynx lynx), see Wikenros et al, 2010. There, they have studied effects of wolfs on the survival of Lynx kittens, spatial movement of Lynx and Lynx' homerange size. The study finds no significant difference in any factor with/without wolves. They also speculate that the reason for a lack of interactions is that the two species use quite different main food resources (at least in Scadinavia); Lynx being specialized on Roe deer and wolves having wider preferences, but mostly Moose.

You should also look at the report Meta-analysis on the effect of competition between lynx and wolf on their diets (Lelieveld, 2013 which might provide more information. From reading the abstract, the report indicates no effects on wolves but that Lynxs might change their foraging behavior.


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