I just stumbeld across a picture and wonder which species it is?

I took the below picture of a bird, probably a raptor, in mid-January 2011, 7 pm, on the Annapurna Trek in Nepal. My altitude was around 2000 m.

Since I took the picture a long time ago I cannot recall any information about the size.

enter image description here


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Your image does not depict a predator, instead it's a scavenger. It's definitely a vulture, and by the looks of it a Griffon Vulture, which are a common siting in India.

The picture you provide is a bit grainy, and the apparently low-set sun colors the image somewhat yellow, but it does appear similar to below image of a Griffon vulture.

Griffon vulture
Griffon vulture. source: Vulture conservation in India and Nepal


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