This specie grows in a dry hilly area in the south of France close to Marseille. I made the picture today. It is quite dominant and grow close to the soil maybe about 50cm.

enter image description here


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Yes. That is definitely a Kermes Oak / quercus Coccifera.

It should start blooming in a week or two, in case you're still in the area by then I recommend checking it out.

It is thriving in that area specifically because it's a dry area, otherwise they tend to be pushed out by Holm Oaks / Quercus ilex.

The combination of the area (see below), habitat (dry hills) and picture (especially the acorn cupule) are pretty conclusive and support your original assumption.

Distribution Map

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    $\begingroup$ also the inferior side of the leaf is usually hairy for ilex not for coccifera $\endgroup$ Commented Mar 19, 2018 at 13:04

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