What's the therapeutic index $\left(\frac{LD_{50}}{ED_{50}}\right)$ of Pethidine (Meperidine in the US) via the intravenous route for humans or whatever species you can find? The therapeutic window $\left(\frac{TD_{50}}{ED_{50}}\right)$ for humans will suffice if accompanied by the therapeutic index for pethidine via IV of another species.

Pethidine is an opioid painkiller with approximately $\frac{1}{7}-\frac{1}{8}$ the strength of morphine and a definite influence on monoaminergic neurons.

I imagine it'd be in the neighbourhood of 30-100, like most opioids that have been implemented in medicine.

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Closest I reached:

enter image description here

Source: Page 105, The Complete Recovery, By Anthea Hatfield Google Book


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