So for a school assignment I need to figure out which carbohydrates those nuts have. I first though they probably have starch but I am not sure. Can someone verify this for me, and/or send a link where I could find this information? Thanks.


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Firstly you must realize that all the above mentioned nuts are actually the seeds of plants.

So the question now is which carbohydrate is mainly found in seeds of plants.

During the double fertilization of angiosperms, one sperm fertilizes the egg to form the embryo while the other fertilizes the endosperm nucleus to form the endosperm which acts as the nutrient storage for seeds.

The major carbohydrate for seed endosperm is Starch, often stored as granules for their property as being insoluble and compact.

However there are other carbohydrates such as free sugars, glucofructans and hemicelluoses present.

Hope this helped.

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A summary of all the nutrients in an endosperm


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