I found a very interesting caterpillar. It's 5 cm long and looks like a snake. I discoved it in a greenhouse on a vine in the Czech Republic.

enter image description here

I found two types: a green one and a brown one, both with same length.

enter image description here

What species is it?


Looks like the larvae of an elephant hawk moth (Deilephila elpenor).

enter image description here

Green Variant. ©2005 Henk Wallays (CC BY-NC 3.0)

Description: typically brown-gray color with black dots along length of body. Young larvae are yellowish-white or green, but some mature larvae also can be green colored. Fully-grown caterpillars reach 7.62 cm in length.

  • Have a backward curving spine or "horn" on the final abdominal segment.

D. elpenor variation

D. elpenor color variation. Source: A.R. Pittaway & I.J. Kitching

Range: Most common in central Europe and is distributed throughout the palearctic region.

Habitat: variety: including rough grassland, heathland, sand dunes, hedgerows, woodland, open countryside, and even urban gardens.

Source: Wikipedia


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