will Naegleria fowleri be present in the steam molecules.

Many people take steam from hot water to get relief from sinus.

I read somewhere that Naegleria fowleri gets killed over 70 C. So steam will also kill it?


N. fowleri infection can occur after nasal and sinus irrigation, swimming and other exposures to contaminated water. The infectious agent in this case is the trophozoite, not the cyst. Boiling water contaminated with this amoebae kills it, preventing infection. Though it does thrive in warm water (37 C), it doesn't survive in steam (100 C).

Despommier's Parasitic Diseases Ch. 14 discusses N. fowleri in some detail. It's also covered in Murray Medical Microbiology Ch. 82, and Cecil medicine Ch. 360. There's also useful study in The Laryngoscope on the viability of various pathogens in contaminated water after sterilization methods.

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